Getting Your Guttering Ready For Summer

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As the temperature begins to rise again, it brings it with a maintenance check for the exterior of your home.  One of the most overlooked parts of a house’s maintenance are the gutters.

It can be difficult to see inside of your gutters which makes it easy to forget about them and allow them to fill with debris.  However, making sure your gutters are ready for that British spring and summer, where we are guaranteed a lot of rain!

Gutter Cleaning

The most important thing you can do to help keep your gutters in working order this winter is making sure your gutters are clean of debris.  If your gutters are full of leaves and dirt, they can trap moisture which will lead to the them blocking up and causing them become heavy which can lead to them coming loose.

If its a flat roof and not a pitched roof style, we recommend viewing regular upkeep of your roof to learn more. The roof plumbing required for a flat roof will vary in balance since the roof itself plays a large factor in successful run off of water and managing the debris.

Your gutters need to have as much space as possible for the water to run off your roof and to flow into in order to prevent any water pooling against the actual roofline. Therefore it’s important to make sure your gutters are free of debris to allow the water to flow freely into your gutter system and downpipes instead of backing up onto your roof.

Check They Are Balanced

Another important thing to keep track off is your gutters structural integrity.  Are your downpipes in working order? Are there any broken seals between different sections of your gutter system? Are the gutters still secured to your fascia board?

If any of those areas appear to be in disrepair, be sure to address it before the rainy season starts in spring. If your gutters aren’t secured to one another or your fascia board, the weight of the rain and debris that your gutters will be subjected to can cause them to break, either with your fascia board attached or not.

Damage to your siding will occur where the gutters rip free, and what could have been as simple as replacing a couple of broken seals could turn into hundreds of dollars worth of repairs.  Be sure to examine your gutters thoroughly before the snow falls to determine if you need to make any spot repairs. If you do need spot repairs, you should a use a quality roofer such as TC Roofers – Roofing Services in Dublin who can provide you with a clean and accurate breakdown of the work involved in the spot repairs.

By getting your hands a little dirty this fall, you could keep your wallet fatter this summer for spending on a nice holiday! Be sure to to clean and examine your gutters to save yourself the hassle of having to repair them for a more costly expense.

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